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NHW Signs

Click here for the Road Sign Installation process in detail.
We will be organizing a program to install street signs as seen in the image below. These are a very effective way of alerting would-be-criminals that the neighborhood is watching for suspicious activity and will report it. Signs may be installed on non-county maintained (private) roads, private property, or county-maintained road rights-of-way.

Signs installed on non-county-maintained roads do not require approval, but they should still follow guidelines including a 6 foot distance from edge of road and 5 foot height above road crest.

In order to install signs on county rights-of-way, you MUST follow specific steps to comply with county requirements described here. For example, installing on county rights-of-way along roadsides requires county approval, official confirmation from USA Underground that no underground utilities are at risk, use of approved posts, waivers of liability for citizens to work alongside the road, installation per approved guidelines, etc. Please arrange all such activities with your neighborhood watch coordinator. This process imposes a workload upon Public Works. They have been very flexible and gracious by providing a means to accomplish this efficiently and inexpensively, but in order to be sustainable, it must be channeled through a few responsible parties.

Do Not:

  • Attach signs to county signposts without express approval
  • Install poles in county rights-of-way without express approval
  • Attach signs to utility poles e.g. telephone or PG&E poles

If you are interested in participating please Contact us. Please note that the expenses and labor are entirely the responsibility of the Neighborhood Watch members.

Forms to apply for roadway sign encroachments and requisite Waiver of Liability are available below. Do not attempt to install signs without following the complete process and obtaining all necessary approvals through Butte County public works. Please work with your neighborhood watch coordinator on all sign projects so that we can work consistently and efficiently with the County.

Sign Sources

Here are some recommended signs and approximate prices including tax and shipping:

3.5" x 3.5" static-cling window decals - $1.00/3-pack - put on your windows, glass doors, etc.
5" x 5" plastic sign - $3.50 - great for gate posts

9" x 12" plastic sign - $6.00 - Great for driveways, gates
18" x 24" metal reflective sign - $43.00 - Great for fences, private roads, driveways
24" x 36" metal reflective sign - $163.00 - "Community Entrance" sign - lets visitors know your town is "watching"