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Medical Marijuana

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Call 538-6000 to report Marijuana Cultivation Violations. You can choose to remain anonymous.

Download a complaint form:
Download a Code Enforcement presentation:

Measure A Enforcement Activity - 2016 year-end Summary
Staff Report: January 12, 2016 As presented to the Board of Supervisors on Jan 12, 2016

About Measure A

As many people know, the new Ordinance 4075 was passed by voters as Measure A in 2014. This ordinance, which regulates the Cultivation of Medical Marijuana in Butte County, became effective in January 2015. This ordinance significantly reduces the amount which can be grown in Butte County. This change impacts growers, and their neighbors. It means growers will have to comply with
the new requirements and limits. It also means that anyone may now complain anonymously, regardless of how close they live to the grow.

Growing limits depend upon parcel size and are regulated by total grow area including the entire plant canopy. No part of the marijuana garden may exceed the defined area, as follows:

Marijuana Growing Limits for Butte County as of January 2015 (Ordinance 4075)

Butane Honey-Oil (BHO) Labs

BHO (Butane Honey Oil, also called hash oil, wax, shatter) is a form of concentrated cannabis using extraction via liquid butane, which is highly flammable as a gas. Butte County is ranked #2 per capita for BHO lab seizures in California. BHO manufacturing carries the same penalties as masking meth. If you suspect a butane honey oil lab, please contact the Special Enforcement Unit (SEU) at 530-538-7389. You can remain anonymous.
See this article which discusses the problem. It talks about a recent explosion in Thermalito which severely injured two teenage boys.


For more information see the following websites:
Citizen-run sites - Butte Safe Access Not Excess - Chronicling the ongoing saga of the medical MJ controversy in Butte County - Butte County Families Against Cannabis Trafficking - Yuba County Families Against Cannabis Trafficking; Bangor borders Yuba County and is thus affected by activities there
County-run sites - Main Code Enforcement page for Medical Marijuana - Ordinance highlights - maximum growing area, setbacks, etc. - Complaint process - Fencing - Good and Bad - Complaint form - Presentation to Community Groups (PDF File)