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Call 911 for all emergencies. Do not call fire station or Sheriff dispatch. Real-time Fire Info - Emergency Alert Registration Portal - - register to receive automatic alerts via e-mail, text, etc.

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Important Contact Info

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Send an e-mail to BA-Watch administrators:
Go to the BA-Watch FaceBook Group: If you can't see the group then send us an e-mail and we'll help you.

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BSCO Dispatch
Stay Informed During an Emergency

Emergency - 911

Call 911 for all emergencies. Do not call fire station or Sheriff dispatch.
Emergency Alert Registration Portal - - register to receive automatic alerts via e-mail, text, etc.

Sheriff Dispatch - Non-Emergency 24x7 - 538-7322

Call Sheriff Dispatch for all non-emergency issues related to law enforcement
Sheriff's Main Number (Menu) - 538-7321
Sheriff's Crime Prevention Unit - 538-7822
Sheriff's STARS volunteers - 538-7820
Sheriff's Records (Megan's Law) - 538-7391
Sheriff's Web Site:
Butte County Most Wanted:
Bi-Weekly Sheriff's Logs:

CHP Dispatch - Non-Emergency (Chico) 24x7 - 879-1900

Call 911 for all emergencies. Call CHP dispatch for non-emergency rural road emergencies, hazards and violations
CHP Oroville Office - 538-2700 - for normal office calls

SEU - Marijuana Special Enforcement Unit - 538-7389

Call the Special Enforcement Unit to report suspected large-scale or criminal marijuana-related activities

BINTF - Drug Enforcement - 538-2261

Call the Butte Inter-Agency Narcotics Task Force to report other drug-related activities

Code Enforcement - 552-3702

Call Code Enforcement to report code violations of any kind including those related to the Cultivation of Medical Marijuana.
Code Enforcement Web Site:
Medical Marijuana Cultivation Ordinance Information:
Medical Marijuana Cultivation Complaint Form:
Send e-mail to Code Enforcement:

Cal Fire

Cal Fire - Incident Hotline - 538-7826 - Follow Cal Fire on Twitter, the best source for real-time updates
Mary Ann Aldrich - Fire Prevention Specialist and Public Information Officer (PIO) - 538-6837

Fish & Game Hotline - 1-888-334-2258

Fish & Game Oroville Office - 538-2236
Call to report crime caused by humans involving land, water or to animals – call right away. If you see something, don’t touch the crime scene.
Fish and Game Animal Degradation - 916-358-2900 - Damage (Degradation) caused by wild animals to property, farm or domestic animals. Info goes to Fish and Game Biologist. CALL RIGHT AWAY. If there is a threat of personal injury, call 911 –Don’t put yourself at risk – The BEAR or MOUNTAIN LION Is going to win! Try not to don’t disturb scene if possible, take pictures after your livestock or pets are secured.
Fish and Wildlife Biologist, Henry Lomeli - 530-891-1065. The regional office is 916-358-2900, his main office.
Oroville Wildlife - 538-2236 - not always available at the office, use as a secondary reporting number.

Animal Control - 538-7409

Call to report loose animals. For livestock on the road, call the CHP or 911.

North Valley Animal Disaster Group - 895-0000

Call regarding evacuation of animals during disasters
North Valley Animal Disaster Group:

District Attorney's Office - 538-7411

District Attorney Fraud Hotline - 1-866-323-7238 - Call to report fraudulent activities including scams
D.A. Fraud Web Site:

V.I.N.E - Victim's Information and Notification Everyday

(877) 411-5588
VINE (Victim Information and Notification Everyday) is a service through which victims or witnesses of crimes (or any concerned citizen) can use the telephone or Internet to search for information regarding their offender's custody status and register to receive telephone and e-mail notification when their offender's custody status changes.

Other Numbers

Butte Co. Adult Protective Services - 538-7538
Butte Co. Probation -538-7661
Butte Co. Public Health - Table Mtn. Clinic - 538-7341
Butte Co. Public Works - 538-7681 - road problems, drainage problems, sign permits, etc.
Butte Co. Youth Services - 538-2158
Child Protective Services - 538-7617
National Domestic Violence Hotline - 1-800-799-7233
Catalyst Domestic Violence 24-hour Hotline 1-800-895-8476
FEMA - Federal Emergency Management Agency - 1-800-525-0321
Nat'l center for Missing & Exploited Children - 1-800-843-5678
Nat'l Rehabilitation Information Center - 1-800-346-2742
Oroville Fire Dept. 538-2480
Oroville Police Dept. - 538-2448
Rape Crisis Intervention 342-7278
Crisis Line and Suicide Prevention - 891-2810
Poison Control - 1-800-876-4766
Behavior Crisis Hotline 24-hr - 1-800-334-6622
Butte Co. Meth Strike Force website

County Supervisors

Butte County Board of Supervisors Home Page:

Below is contact information for the five Butte County Supervisors

Click here to send e-mail to all five Supervisors

What district am I in? Here is the full district Map. Note, it is huge!

District 1 - Bill Connelly
Contact page:
Phone: 530.538.6834
District 1 map:

District 2 - Larry Wahl
Contact page:
Phone: 530.891.0686
District 2 map:

District 3 - Maureen Kirk (Board Vice Chair)
Contact page:
Phone: 530.891.2800
District 3 map:

District 4 - Steve Lambert
Contact page:
Phone: 530.538.2515
District 4 Map:

District 5 - Doug Teeter (Board Chair)
Contact page:
Phone: 530.872.6304
District 5 map:

Downloadable Files

These files contain important contact info for Butte County residents. Feel free to customize the Word version for your specific neighborhood or community.